Monkey’s Great Adventures

Monkey’s Great Adventures is the first children’s picture book series I have written and illustrated. It combines my love of travel and adventure with my appreciation and respect for the traditional hand-made crafts.

The central character is Monkey, a little stuffed toy (although he doesn’t like to think that he is stuffed!). He’s adventurous, cheeky, funny and extremely curious.

Each book features real life scenes from around the world, knitted characters made lovingly by my mum (Joan Wilson) and imaginative stories that play with the idea of children believing their favourite toys are real.

BOOK 1 – Afloat in Venice (Release date: September 1st, 2021)

Monkey can’t wait to use his new camera in Venice, but along the way he discovers something more precious than sight-seeing.

Set in the stunning magical landscape of Venice, Monkey finds himself entranced by a “magical floating city that seems to grow straight out of the sea.”

Imaginative, nostalgic and quirky, this series is complemented by original music composed by award winning artist, Matt Ottley, and narration by myself, immersing the reader into a rich, multi-sensory experience.

Heart warming and unique, we hope you enjoy this playful collaboration.

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Afloat in Venice children's book cover

BOOK 2 – Search for the Bath Monster (to be released 2024)

Monkey knows there’s a monster hiding in the bathroom because it leaves a huge mess behind.  

Monkey braves deep waters in this underwater adventure to find the messy culprit!

Monkey's Great Adventures by Tina Wilson and Joan Wilson