I LOVE books; reading, writing and illustrating them!

I am inspired by authors and illustrators such as Dr Seuss, Bill Peet, Hergé (Georges Remi) and Arthur Rackham, and particularly enjoy children’s picture books and novels that are a little different.

I also like to think a little differently 😉

I am currently working on two adult novels and two children’s picture book series, and am loving the challenge of moving between different genres, words and pictures.

Books for children

Monkey’s Great Adventures, my first children’s book series, combines my love of travel and adventure with my appreciation and respect for the traditional hand-made crafts, combining real life scenes with knitted characters in an imaginative series that plays with the idea of children believing their favourite toys are real.

Afloat in Venice is the first book in this series and was released in 2021.  Search for the Bath Monster is the second book in the series and will be released in 2024.

Monkey's Great Adventures by Tina Wilson and Joan Wilson

Books for adults

I recently designed and illustrated author Nicholas Bennett’s beautiful science/poetry/philosophy/art book, The Dying Alchemists. The challenge of creating artworks for topics so vast as the Universe was one I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m still left pondering our incredible existence.

Day by Day, poem by Nicholas Bennett with illustration of falling autumn leaves by Tina Wilson