An Intimate Nature

I am constantly inspired by the exquisite beauty of nature.

When I first moved to the Northern Rivers of NSW, I felt like I had come home.  I found myself walking through the rainforest and reconnecting with something that I didn’t realise I had lost; a sense of the quiet, of the earth and the natural world around me.  

Not only had I fallen in love with the beautiful surroundings here, but also the people and the extraordinary sense of community. 

In this project I wanted to capture the feelings and thoughts we all share. The quotes in this book are from people that I have come to know and treasure, all whose personal journeys have brought them to this place and moment in time.

The artworks are based on fallen leaves that I have found around my home. They are small, intimate works of nature, inspired by my new surrounds, a new stage in my life and a return to my roots. 

Friends - Watercolour painting on paper by Tina Wilson

The artworks in this book were first exhibited to the public as part of Art Post Uki.

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